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    133005 - Abrakadoodle

    Little ones love their soft, furry, feather, purr-fect pets! It's always a good time to learn more about pets through art! Get your pouncing paws ready to explore painting, collage, stamping, 3D art and more. $40 supply fee due at beginning of class.

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    Read NoticePets and Puppies09/16/20 - 11/18/2010:00A - 11:00AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeMyths and Legends09/19/20 - 11/21/20 3:00P - 4:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeMommy/Daddy and Me09/16/20 - 11/04/20 9:00A - 10:00AUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartWinter Break Camp11/23/20 - 11/25/20 1:00P - 4:00PAvailableItem Details

    133020 - Jewelry Making

    Learn how to make a braclet and a wreath with your friends and family here at the Recreation Center at Towne Lake! Supplies will be provided and pre-registration is required.

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    Add to CartCoffee and Crafts11/07/20 - 11/07/2010:00A - 12:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartJewelry Making12/12/20 - 12/12/2010:00A - 11:00AAvailableItem Details

    133021 - Zoom 50+ Fall Crafts

    Join us on Zoom for interactive step by step tutorials on how to make fall themed home décor crafts. Supplies included.

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    Read NoticeZoom 50+ Fall Crafts10/20/20 - 10/20/2010:30A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartZoom 50+ Fall Crafts11/03/20 - 11/03/2010:30A - 11:30AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartZoom 50+ Fall Crafts11/17/20 - 11/17/2010:30A - 11:30AAvailableItem Details

    133033 - E-Sports

    Patrons can join the Parks & Rec staff in a fun and competitive gaming setting. Throughout the Fall we will play a variety of popular games on the Nintendo Switch for everyone to enjoy. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Participants must have their own Nintendo Switch and online membership.

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    Read NoticeE-Sports Tournament09/16/20 - 09/16/20 6:00P - 8:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartE-Sports Tournament11/18/20 - 11/18/20 6:00P - 8:00PAvailableItem Details

    133035 - Nature Hikes

    Take a hike at Erwin Park and explore the outdoor trail underneath the McKinney night sky. We will search for nocturnal critters through sights and sounds. Bring your flashlights!

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    Read NoticeNight Hike09/19/20 - 09/19/20 7:30P - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartGreen Friday11/27/20 - 11/27/20 1:00P - 4:00PAvailableItem Details

    133037 - Archery 101

    Learn the basics of archery in a safe and fun environment. Work with our certified instructors to hone your skills on the range with practice, games and competitions to determine who the top shot is.

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    Read NoticeArchery 10109/09/20 - 09/30/20 3:30P - 5:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeArchery 10109/09/20 - 09/30/20 6:30P - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details

    133320 - Homeschool PE 101

    Homeschool PE is a 90-minute class that allows students to explore many sports in a short time. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch, then rotates through agility stations and drills. Enjoy classic games like kickball, dodgeball, wiffle ball and capture the flag. Sibling discounts available.

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    Read NoticeHomeschool PE 10109/03/20 - 09/24/2010:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeHomeschool PE 10110/01/20 - 10/29/2010:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartHomeschool PE 10111/05/20 - 11/19/2010:00A - 11:30AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartHomeschool PE 10112/03/20 - 12/17/2010:00A - 11:30AAvailableItem Details

    133321 - Homeschool PE 102

    Homeschool PE is a 90-minute class that allows students to explore many sports in a short time. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch, then rotates through agility stations and drills. Enjoy classic games like kickball, dodgeball, wiffle ball and capture the flag. Sibling discounts available.

    September has 4 sessions -$45 Resident, $47 Non-Resident
    October has 5 sessions - $57 Resident, $59 Non-Resident
    November has 3 sessions - $35 Resident, $37 Non-Resident
    December has 3 sessions - $35 Resident, $37 Non-Resident

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    Read NoticeHomeschool PE 10209/03/20 - 09/24/2011:30A - 1:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeHomeschool PE 10210/01/20 - 10/29/2011:30A - 1:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartHomeschool PE 10211/05/20 - 11/19/2011:30A - 1:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartHomeschool PE 10212/03/20 - 12/17/2011:30A - 1:00PAvailableItem Details

    133340 - Adapted Recreation-At Home

    Stay active and have fun doing it! Learn to play a variety of games and activities designed to keep you moving. All activities are adapted for you to do right in your own home. Each class is taught on Zoom with a leader who will explain and teach each activity. This class is designed for individuals with special needs.

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    Read NoticeAdapted Recreation09/03/20 - 09/24/20 4:00P - 4:30PUnavailableItem Details

    133441 - Family Game Show

    Tired of watching Drew Carey hand out prizes? Join us for family game show night for trivia, prizes and some laughs!

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    Read NoticeFamily Game Show09/22/20 - 09/22/20 6:30P - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeFamily Game Show10/13/20 - 10/13/20 6:30P - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details

    133458 - Kindermusik Level 2

    Use music and dance to help toddlers regulate emotions, build literacy skills and have fun. Parents help toddlers practice gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills and active listening. ($70 Home Materials Fee)

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    Add to CartMilk & Cookies09/24/20 - 12/17/2010:00A - 10:45AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartMilk & Cookies09/23/20 - 12/16/2010:30A - 11:15AAvailableItem Details

    133575 - Social Dance Nights

    Come join the staff at the Rec at Towne Lake for our Adapted Virtual Halloween Party! This party will consist of crafts, games, dancing , and even a scary ghost story! Make sure to dress up too for the Costume Contest! Admission is free. Zoom information will be sent out the day of the event.

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    Read NoticeAdapted Party10/23/20 - 10/23/20 5:30P - 6:30PUnavailableItem Details

    133581 - Dance Arts Center Thursday

    Class Attire:
    Leotard and tights (any color), Preschool: pink leather ballet shoes, and black tap shoes with elastic sewn in holes. Please no skirts or tutus on any dancers. All school age dancers will need beige "Super Jazz Shoes" by Bloch, and lace up black tap shoes.

    Tuition: All tuition is due on the 1st of the month. All tuition is Non-Refundable. Add any second class for only $30 monthly! $5 discount for the second child in the family. All tuition is payable in advance of the first lesson of the month. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee the first month only.

    All registration fees, recital fees and costumes must be payable to Dance Arts Center.
    Tuition is payable to the City of McKinney.
    Dance Arts Center specializes in tap, ballet, jazz, tumbling and hip hop for children through adults. Private and semi-private lessons are available on Thursdays and Saturdays, September through May. Students may join at any time. Please contact Lou Ann at 214.616.6514 or visit to learn more about class times, our school and history. All classes are ongoing and the fee is per month for a weekly 45 minute class. (Classes are throughout the day and are for 45 minutes)

    Classes are held at the McKinney Community Center, 972-547-2690.

    Pre School Combo- Ballet &Tap (Ages 2-4) Fee: $50/52 monthly 3:30-4:15pm
    Jazz & Tap Combo (5-8 years) Fee: $50/52 monthly 4:15-5:00pm
    Ballet & Tumbling (5-8 years) Fee: $50/52 monthly 5:00-5:45pm
    Ballet (9-11 years) Fee: $50/52 monthly 5:45-6:30pm
    Jazz & Tap (13-18 years) Fee: $50/52 monthly 6:30-7:15pm

    Private Instruction Fee: $85 monthly (Dance class required)
    Semi Private Instruction Fee: $75 monthly (Dance class required)

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    Read NoticeDance Thursday09/10/20 - 09/24/20 3:30P - 7:15PUnavailableItem Details