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    131448 - KM-Our Time

    Kindermusik Our Time
    Use music to help toddlers regulate emotions, build pre-literacy skills, and have fun! Each week your child will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments with you and their new friends and you'll love helping them practice a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening. Required materials in the amount of $70 include: books, instrument, c.d.'s, and more. Come join the fun!
    If the class has already started, but you would still like to join, please call the Community Center, 972-547-2690, for enrollment!
    Fall 2018 theme: Milk & Cookies
    Spring 2019 theme: Fiddle Dee Dee
    For additional info visit:

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    Add to CartFiddle Dee Dee01/30/19 - 03/27/1910:30A - 11:15AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartFiddle Dee Dee01/31/19 - 03/28/1910:00A - 10:45AAvailableItem Details

    131452 - Kindermusik Level 1

    Kindermusik Level 1
    Enjoy singing, instrument play, literature, creative movement and infant massage. Strengthen early parent-child bonds and understand your babyís development and communication while meeting new friends and having fun.
    Required materials in the amount of $40 include: board books, instruments, c.d.ís, and more.
    If the class has already started, but you would still like to join, please call the Community Center, 972-547-2690, for enrollment!
    Summer 2019 theme: Peekaboo, I Love You
    For more info visit

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    Read NoticePeekaboo, I love you04/04/19 - 05/02/1911:00A - 11:45AUnavailableItem Details

    131454 - KM-Imagine That!

    Kindermusik Imagine That!
    Learn more about how music improves your preschooler's ability to think, reason, create and express. We combine your preschoolerís natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and foster independence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control. Required materials in the amount of $65 include: books, instruments, c.d.ís, and more. Parents join class for the final activities.
    Fall 2018 Theme: Hello Weather Let's Play Togther
    Spring 2019 Theme: Cities! Busy Places Friendly Faces
    For more info visit:

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    Add to CartCities! Busy Places01/30/19 - 03/27/19 9:30A - 10:15AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartCities! Busy Places01/31/19 - 03/28/1910:00A - 10:45AAvailableItem Details

    131475 - Kinder Tots

    Develop the total child through gross motor skills, movements creativity, physical development and body awareness while learning numbers, colors, shapes and songs.

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    Add to CartKinder Tots03/01/19 - 03/29/1910:00A - 10:30AAvailableItem Details

    131476 - Kinder Gym

    This is a developmental floor gymnastics program with emphasis on fun, social and gross motor development, physical fitness and movement education while learning numbers, colors, shapes and words.

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    Add to CartKinder Gym03/01/19 - 03/29/1910:45A - 11:15AAvailableItem Details

    131495 - Chess Academy

    Itís time for you to become a chess playing master! By learning the basic rules and movements of chess, you will be able to enjoy a lifelong skillset of competitive game play. Chess is not only a strategically enjoyable game, but a recent study has proven that it enhances parts of childrenís brains that control reading, writing and math. Enroll today and be able to play a full game by the end of the course.

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    Add to CartChess Academy03/19/19 - 04/30/19 7:30P - 8:30PAvailableItem Details

    131535 - Collin College Overview

    Itís never too soon nor too late to begin considering your college plans. This presentation is an informational session designed to provide insight into the overall experience at Collin College. The presentation is aimed towards anyone interested in starting or continuing their educational goals.

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    Add to CartCollin College Overv02/27/19 - 02/27/19 6:30P - 7:30PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartCollin College Overv04/10/19 - 04/10/19 6:30P - 7:30PAvailableItem Details

    131541 - JP-Discover Theater

    Announcing Junior Playersí Discover Theater in McKinney!
    Students learn basic skills in theatre arts, emphasizing oral communication skills. Specializations include improvisation, movie making and stage combat. Maximum of 20 students

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    Read NoticeDiscover Theater02/05/19 - 03/05/19 1:00P - 3:00PWaitlistItem Details

    131589 - Country Western Dance

    If you want to have fun and also learn the art of Country Western Dance, come join our class. You will learn the Two Step, Double Two Step, Waltz, Country Swing along with patterns and progressions. Teens through adults are welcome! Paired couples are required. Private lessons and First Dance Bride & Groom lessons are also available. Please call Lou Ann or Perry at 214.616.6514 or visit You must pre-register.
    Price is per couple.

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    Read NoticeCountry Western Danc02/07/19 - 02/28/19 7:45P - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details

    131802 - Social Dance Nights

    This event is designed to provide recreational and social opportunities for special needs individuals, their families and caregivers while exposing participants to new experiences, enhance self-esteem, and self-confidence. Join us for light refreshments, music and dancing!

    Attendees must be accompanied by a caregiver/guardian that is registered for this event.

    To register please contact the Community Center at 972-547-2690.

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    Read NoticeEvening in Paris02/15/19 - 02/15/19 6:00P - 8:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartIce Cream Social03/22/19 - 03/22/19 6:00P - 8:00PAvailableItem Details

    131971 - Kids in the Kitchen

    Join the Community Center staff and learn to make new and delicious cookies, treats, and snacks.

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    Add to CartKids in the Kitchen03/15/19 - 03/15/1910:30A - 12:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartKids in the Kitchen05/11/19 - 05/11/1910:30A - 12:00PAvailableItem Details

    131996 - Child Care & Babysitting CPR

    This course helps build confidence, self-esteem and skills necessary to care for infants and children on a daily basis and in emergency situations. Participants will learn diapering, feeding, CPR and First Aid. Included is a workbook and completion card. Please bring a sack lunch.
    Questions? Call the McKinney Community Center at 972-547-2690

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    Add to CartChild Care CPR04/20/19 - 04/20/19 9:00A - 1:00PAvailableItem Details

    131997 - CPR & First Aid

    The First Aid course is designed to recognize the signs and symptoms of injuries and sudden illness. Crucial information of how to deal with emergencies like bleeding, shock, burns, etc. This nationally accepted program satisfies the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition to the 2 year certification card, participants will receive handouts for both the CPR & First Aid class. Also included, will be a laminated CPR skill card, great for an easy reference!
    This class does not qualify for any one in the healthcare industry or anyone intending to enroll in nursing or dental school.

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    Add to CartCPR & First Aid03/14/19 - 03/14/19 6:00P - 9:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartCPR & First Aid05/23/19 - 05/23/19 6:00P - 9:00PAvailableItem Details

    131999 - Eureka!Canine Behavior Special

    Down! Stay! Sit! This class teaches man's best friend basic obedience lessons making it comfortable for meeting strangers, walking through crowds and welcoming guests to your home. This course covers the material necessary for your pet to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test which is offered in the 7th and final session.

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    Add to CartCanine Good Citizen03/30/19 - 05/11/1910:00A - 11:00AAvailableItem Details

    301101 - Parent & Child 100 Spring 2019

    Parent and Child 100 is designed for parents to safely guide and introduce their child to fundamental water skills. This class focuses on pool safety, proper holds, and educational games and songs.

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    Read NoticeParent & Child 10001/08/19 - 01/31/19 6:00P - 6:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeParent & Child 10002/05/19 - 02/28/19 6:00P - 6:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartParent & Child 10003/05/19 - 04/04/19 6:00P - 6:30PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartParent & Child 10004/09/19 - 05/02/19 6:00P - 6:30PAvailableItem Details

    301111 - Swim 101 Spring 2019

    Swim 101 focuses on the fundamentals of floating, breath control, and swimming on the front and back along with proper water entry and exit instruction.

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    Read NoticeSwim 10101/08/19 - 01/31/19 4:30P - 5:05PWaitlistItem Details