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    303180 - Adult Swim Fall 2019

    For individuals ages 13 and older who would like to learn and/or improve upon their current swimming skills. Students will be evaluated on the first day of the class and divided into separate groups, according to their skill level.

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    Read NoticeAdult Swim10/08/19 - 10/31/19 7:30P - 8:05PWaitlistItem Details
    Read NoticeAdult Swim11/05/19 - 12/05/19 7:30P - 8:05PWaitlistItem Details

    303192 - Water Fitness Instructor

    This course is an introduction to the basic principles of teaching Water Fitness classes and covers basic anatomy, fitness principles, and class organization. This is not a national certification class. Upon the course completion, participants may apply for the Water Fitness Instructor position with the City of McKinney .

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    Read NoticeWater Exercise Instr10/12/19 - 10/19/1910:00A - 2:30PUnavailableItem Details

    331000 - SC Trips SPRING

    * The trip cost is $599.00 per person for a double-occupancy room, and $734.00 per person for a single occupancy room. A $45 check is required for insurance for double trip fee and a $59 check is required for insurance for single trip fee. Cost includes motor coach transportation, 4 nights lodging, 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners, and 7 shows.

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    Read NoticeSC Branson04/20/20 - 04/24/20 8:30A - 8:30PUnavailableItem Details

    331303 - SC ART

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    Read NoticeSC Machine Embroider01/17/20 - 01/17/20 9:00A - 4:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Machine Embroider02/07/20 - 02/07/20 9:00A - 4:00PUnavailableItem Details

    332000 - SC Trips SUMMER

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    Read NoticeSC Lunch Bunch May05/09/19 - 05/09/1910:00A - 2:00PWaitlistItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Breakfast May05/28/19 - 05/28/19 9:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Heard Museum05/14/19 - 05/14/1910:00A - 3:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Rough Riders05/22/19 - 05/22/19 9:30A - 4:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Lunch Bunch June06/13/19 - 06/13/1910:00A - 3:00PWaitlistItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Breakfast June06/25/19 - 06/25/19 9:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Dallas Art Museum06/20/19 - 06/20/19 9:00A - 4:00PWaitlistItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Super Bowl06/19/19 - 06/19/1911:00A - 4:30PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Lunch Bunch July07/11/19 - 07/11/1910:30A - 3:00PWaitlistItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Breakfast July07/30/19 - 07/30/19 9:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Heritage Center07/17/19 - 07/17/1910:30A - 4:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC AT&T Stadium Tour07/22/19 - 07/22/19 9:00A - 3:30PFullItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Lunch Bunch Aug08/08/19 - 08/08/1910:00A - 3:00PUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Breakfast Aug08/27/19 - 08/27/19 9:00A - 11:30AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Cowgirl Museum08/21/19 - 08/21/1910:00A - 4:00PFullItem Details
    Read NoticeSC Studio Movie Gril08/16/19 - 08/16/1910:00A - 3:00PUnavailableItem Details

    332001 - SC Seminars

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    Read NoticeSC Financial Plan07/18/19 - 07/18/1910:30A - 12:30PUnavailableItem Details

    332100 - SC Special Events

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    Read NoticeSC New Member May05/07/19 - 05/07/1910:00A - 11:00AFullItem Details
    Read NoticeSC New Member June06/04/19 - 06/04/1910:00A - 11:00AUnavailableItem Details