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    782110 - Junior Players

    Learn to identify news worthy topics in your communities, write informative narratives, film interviews, edit footage, and create a cohesive news piece that will be shown in a final screening!

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    Add to CartBroadcast Class07/20/21 - 08/26/21 4:00P - 6:00PAvailableItem Details

    782111 - Skyhawks Sports Camps

    All aspects of volleyball are taught through drills and exercises that focus on passing, setting, hitting, and serving. This co-ed program is designed for the beginning and intermediate player. Our staff will assist campers in developing fundamental skills through gamespeed drills and daily scrimmages aimed at developing the whole player.

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    Read NoticeVolleyball Camp07/19/21 - 07/22/21 9:00A - 12:00PFullItem Details

    782112 - Skyhawks Sport Class

    This fun, skill-intensive program is designed with the beginner player in mind. Using our progression curriculum and focusing on the whole player, you will learn the skills needed for both on and off
    the court to be a better athlete. Each day will start with a skill of the dayy and progress into drills and games. After a week of passing, shooting, dribbling, and rebounding, your child will show you why this is one of our most popular programs.

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    Add to CartTinyHawks Basketball08/04/21 - 08/25/21 4:30P - 5:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartMiniHawks Basketball08/04/21 - 08/25/21 5:05P - 5:50PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartSkyhawks Basketball08/04/21 - 08/25/21 6:00P - 6:45PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartSkyhawks Volleyball08/10/21 - 08/31/21 4:30P - 5:30PAvailableItem Details

    782113 - Martial Arts

    Join 5th degree Black Belt instructor, Lyman Roark, for fitness, fun and protection in this officially recognized system. Kids and adults are welcome. Parents, join your kids in family self-defense. No
    contracts or registration required. Uniforms are not required until the first belt exam.

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    Add to CartMartial Arts07/14/21 - 07/28/21 6:00P - 7:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartMartial Arts08/04/21 - 08/25/21 6:00P - 7:00PAvailableItem Details

    782116 - Sound Beginnings Music Class

    Sound Beginnings is a family music class for children and a parent or caregiver. By providing a solid music and preschool foundation, Sound Beginnings prepares students for success. Classes include singing, movement, instrument play, stories and ear training activities.

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    Add to CartSound Beginnings07/27/21 - 08/10/2112:00A - 12:00AAvailableItem Details

    782150 - Soccer Sparks

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    Read NoticeKick the Ball!07/10/21 - 07/31/21 9:20A - 9:50AUnavailableItem Details
    Read NoticeDribble, Kick, Pass!07/10/21 - 07/31/21 9:55A - 10:40AFullItem Details
    Read NoticeDazzleW/YourFootwork07/10/21 - 07/31/2110:45A - 11:30AFullItem Details

    782200 - Summer Camps

    Learn social and survival skills to build courage, confidence and character. Camp includes sports, outdoor time and motivational & team building activities.

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    Read NoticeDudes Camp07/26/21 - 07/30/21 9:00A - 12:00PFullItem Details

    782231 - Ms.Brittany's School of Dance

    Focusing on ballet technique, these fun introductory lessons are designed to expose students with little or no dance training to the basics of the ballet world.

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    Read NoticeBeginning Ballet05/03/21 - 05/24/21 5:00P - 5:45PFullItem Details

    782410 - Yoga in the Park

    Come take a Slow Flow Yoga class in a beautiful outdoor setting. Experience guided meditation to de-stress, invigorate and uplift your spirit! Please bring your own yoga mat.

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    Read NoticeYoga in the Park07/24/21 - 07/24/21 9:00A - 9:50AUnavailableItem Details
    Add to CartYoga in the Park07/31/21 - 07/31/21 9:00A - 9:50AAvailableItem Details

    782411 - Fitness Party in the Park

    Come Party in the Park With Us! Enjoy a variety of FREE fitness classes in a beautiful outdoor setting. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and will take place at the amphitheatre. Please bring mat (except for Zumba and High Fitness), towel, and water. Class will be moved to Old Settler's Recreation Center in case of bad weather.

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    Add to CartFitcamp08/21/21 - 08/21/21 8:45A - 9:30AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartYoga08/21/21 - 08/21/21 9:00A - 9:50AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartZumba08/21/21 - 08/21/21 9:30A - 10:15AAvailableItem Details
    Add to CartHigh Fitness08/21/21 - 08/21/2110:15A - 11:00AAvailableItem Details

    782412 - DivaDance in the Park

    These fun, stress-free dance classes are inspired by your favorite songs and throwbacks! Instructors teach the routine, break down the choreography with counts and lyrics, and are highly trained to help you achieve muscle memory. All ability levels welcome. Class will be moved to Old Settler's Recreation Center in case of bad weather.

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    Add to CartDivaDance08/14/21 - 08/14/21 9:30A - 10:30AAvailableItem Details